About us

it all started with 100 hens ...

That’s when farmer Frank Bradbury combined his flock of hens with what cash he could muster from his insurance policy, and in 1934 bought a small 8’x10′ structure on Main Street. He and his wife Alta had a vision and that’s where they launched Bradbury’s Grocery. 

The store had humble beginnings as Frank sold milk and eggs he brought in from their farm while Alta cooked short-order meals in the back with her large cast iron frying pan.

In 1942 Frank and Alta decided it was time to expand. Frank and his son Wilbur built a much larger building across the street to accommodate the growing demand for their goods. That building still stands today and has come to be known and loved throughout the years as Bradbury Brothers Market.

The store stayed in the family for 43 years until it was put on the market for sale. Through various owners, Bradbury’s maintained its reputation as a solid icon in the community. Each owner carried on the pride, promise, and integrity that has made Bradbury Brothers Market famous.

ITS CURRENT OWNERS, Michele Tourangeau and Tim Pasterczyk, are keeping tradition alive while adding fresh, modern touches.

The Market has become the hub of Cape Porpoise. Community gathers there and travelers and commuters make a point to stop there. The combination of unique, home-spun products, enormous selections, and its friendly staff keep folks coming back.

“We are so community-minded and look forward to honoring the deep and  long traditions that Bradbury Brother’s Market has always represented. We look forward to meeting and serving many people in this community,” said Michele.

Her words rang true in action as Michele and Tim immediately took the reins, installing a new phone system and surround sound music to enhance their guests’ shopping experience. And best of all they kept all the established employees onboard!

Come see us! We think you’ll fall in love with the friendly, warm atmosphere that’s become synomomous with the name Bradbury Brothers Market.